WTF is Live Art?
Lecture series on participatory live art strategies

27/05, 03/06 and 10/06/2020 18.00 – 20.00

A co-production of DIE FABRIKANTEN, University of Art Linz – Time-based Media and VALIE EXPORT Center Linz. Students, artists and all those interested in experimental art forms are invited to participate.

Together with invited guests, we're looking for answers to the questions: What the fuck is Live Art? What differences does Corona make for performative live projects? The "going live" of art and culture on the Internet has not only temporarily turned the performance and theatre business upside down, but confronts both artists and the audience with new challenges. At least in this area there has been a sharpening of profiles here and there. But live art is more than just a "business". In contrast to performance art, sculpture or painting, live art can be understood as a cultural strategy for working on and reflecting social and cultural phenomena. The audience is often encouraged to play along or to participate and act co-creatively. Instead of a one-dimensional exhibition, it is about creating a "poetic WE", in the field of tension between privacy and publicity, voyeurism and distance, self-determination and heteronomy.
Each lecture consist of a video on demand offer and an online meeting with a speaker.

Head of Lectures: DIE FABRIKANTEN (Wolfgang Preisinger, Gerald Harringer) / Brigitte Vasicek (Time-based Media at the University of Art and Design Linz) and Dagmar Schink (VALIE EXPORT Center Linz).
Thanks to Theresa Muhl, Florian Kofler, Ufuk Serbest and dorftv.


27/05/2020 18.00 – 20.00
Moderation: Dagmar Schink
Speakers: Brigitte Vasicek, Wolfgang Preisinger, Gerald Harringer
Language: German

03/06/2020 18.00 – 20.00
Moderation: Dagmar Schink
Guest: Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy (triage live art collective), Melbourne/AUS
Language: English

10/06/2020 18.00 – 20.00
Moderation: Dagmar Schink
Guest: Daniel Wetzel (Rimini Protokoll), DE
Language: German/English

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