LOST WOMEN ART with the participation of VALIE EXPORT

Screenplay/director Susanne Radelhof
Production Koberstein Film
German premiere broadcast 09/06/2021, 21:55 ARTE

More than half of all artists are women. But they still are a minority in the contemporary arts scene and even hardly existent in the art history of last century. Why have so many female artists and their oeuvres been fallen into oblivion? And why did they and their works never became visible?
The film meets art historians, curators, museum makers and today’s artists, and traces the biographies and oeuvres of female artists of last century.
An untold, since female chapter of art history.

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VALIE EXPORT receives Cross of Merit of the State of Upper Austria

Award for one of the most important representatives of international media, film and performance art. She is thus the first woman to receive this highest cultural award in the country. The laudation was held by Gabriele Spindler, who also presented the special exhibition "VALIE EXPORT. Collection Care" special exhibition.


VALIE EXPORT receives Prix Ars Electronica

VALIE EXPORT is honored with a Golden Nica for lifetime achievement in art and feminism as a “Visionary Pioneer of Feminist Media Art.” The director of the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz, Dr. Sabine Folie, holds the laudation.


receives MO-Art Prize 2020

The winner of the next MO Art Prize has been determined: Austrian VALIE EXPORT, internationally known as Media and Performance artist, will be awarded the art prize, endowed with 10,000 euros. The MO Art Prize is awarded annually by the Friends of the Museum Ostwall e.V. to artists whose work stands in the tradition of Dada and Fluxus. The prize will be awarded on December 4 at the Museum Ostwall in the Dortmunder U.


VALIE EXPORT receives the Roswitha Haftmann Prize

The Board of the Roswitha Haftmann Foundation has decided to award the Roswitha Haftmann Prize 2019, which is endowed with CHF 150,000, to the Austrian artist VALIE EXPORT (b. 1940).

The film-maker, media and performance artist, who has used her professional name as her artistic concept and logo since 1967, receives the award in recognition of her life’s work. In the Board’s view, she is one of the most important international pioneers in these genres.



VALIE EXPORT was born as Waltraud Lehner in 1940 in Linz, where she attended the School for the Arts and Crafts. In 1964 she graduated from HBLVA for Textile Industry in Vienna. Since 1967 she has been going by the name VALIE EXPORT, an artistic concept and logo. She works with a wide range of media and caught the attention with actions in public space that belonged to the field of performance and to media art and were developed from a feminist perspective.

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