Editorial Statement

The comprehensive archive of performance and media artist VALIE EXPORT forms the basis for this unique international research center with the mission to establish a scientific reappraisal of the artist's archive. The relevant target audience are national and international researchers from various disciplines. In addition, it shall provide a platform for contemporary trends in performance and in media art and studies, and is to examine the concept of art, the boundaries of which have increasingly dissolved since modernism, including its fluid art forms. A parallel objective is the establishment of a network with other archives in order to exchange on innovative possibilities in archiving and in the provision of documents concerning ephemeral art practices. The latter also in light of a growing “archival impulse” (Hal Foster) in art production since the post-avantgarde, which increasingly looks at the archive as an aesthetic practice.

As an archive, the Center constitutes a repository of knowledge that, starting out from VALIE EXPORT's extensive analyses of visual and political culture since the 1960s, looks for prospects of the notions of the medial and the performative, and a new and modern anthropology in general.

We look forward to having a productive interaction with artists, researchers and all interested persons in the years to come.

Sabine Folie, Director