Collective Remembrance as a Research Method in Performance Art
17/04/2018, 18:00

Lecture by Sabine Gebhardt Fink, as part of the series “relatifs”.

A great interest in the historiography of performance art can currently be observed. For several years now, the group “Performance Chronik Basel” (Muda Mathis, Margarit Büren and Sabine Gebhart Fink) has been using collaborative and collective forms of work in their attempts to do research into this topic.
The starting point of the project is the assumption that performance art is always to be understood as a co-production, and that its history can only be written as a critical feminist one. Sabine Gebhardt Fink presents and discusses the project.

Sabine Gebhardt Fink
is the professor for Contemporary Art and Head of the Master's Programme in Fine Arts (Art in Public Spheres & Art Teaching) at the Lucerne School of Art and Design, a curator for contemporary art, co-curator of Studiolog and author of the “Performance Chronik Basel”. She previously was a post-doctoral research associate at the Zurich University of the Arts and a visiting lecturer for Modern and Contemporary Art at the Ruhr University Bochum. For years now, Gebhardt Fink has been concentrating in her research and teaching on the relationship between body, collective practices and space, and on contemporary as well as the history of performance art. Her studies examine, among other things, site-specific art of the 1960s and room and spatial concepts of art in the 1990s.   

The event series “relatifs” is hosted this year by Gudrun Rath (University of Arts Linz, Cultural Studies), Anne von der Heiden (University of Arts Linz, Art History and Art Theory), Kepler Salon Linz, VALIE EXPORT Center Linz and Kulturtankstelle Linz.