13/04/2018, 17.30

Guided tour through the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz

The context of the Long Night of Research provides the opportunity to present an extract of the extensive archive materials gathered by the performance and media artist VALIE EXPORT.
Two display cases deal with her curatorial activities, which aims to promote and make visible female artists from all areas: MAGNA. Feminism: Art and Creativity. A Survey of the Female Sensibility, Imagination, Projection and Problems Suggested through a Tableau of Images, Objects, Photographs, Lectures, Discussions, Films, Videos and Actions, compiled by VALIE EXPORT (Nächst St. Stephan Gallery, Vienna. 1975), and Art With An Own Self Sense. Contemporary Art by Women. (Museum of Modern Art/Museum of the 20th Century, Vienna. 1985, curated together with Silvia Eiblmayr).

The guided tour is also to give an idea of work in a Research Center for Media and Performance Art. The VALIE EXPORT Center, jointly operated by the University of Art and Design Linz and LENTOS Kunstmuseum, is currently in its start-up phase. On the basis of the extensive archive of the performance and media artist VALIE EXPORT, an internationally oriented research center is being set up, where archive materials encompassing sketches, documents, correspondences, autographs, drafts, posters, catalogues, slides, photos and audiovisual media will be made available.

Located at the Tabakfabrik Linz, the Center seeks the exchange with experts but also wishes to appeal to an interested public. The artist's books are made available in an open-access library that will be continuously expanded by the Center.
The event programme with its wide spectrum will touch upon many disciplines, in order to view VALIE EXPORT's complex considerations and concepts from different angles and to process them to be used in new approaches and contemporary discourses.

On the occasion of the Long Night of Research we provide insights into the multifaceted oeuvre of the versatile artist, activist, feminist, teacher, and socially engaged person VALIE EXPORT.