Archival Glimpses

Two display cases at the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz with contents that change every three months provide insights into the Archive on the basis of physical documents from the premature legacy.


Archival Glimpses, Take 8

01/12/2019 – 29/02/2020

The Artist and the Voice as a Medium

The current display cases document VALIE EXPORT's examination of the voice as a medium, as an information carrier and as a political issue. This subject has accompanied her since the 1960s and has found implementation in various formats defined by the artist: as a multi-channel video installation, as a body-communication-action and expanded film, as a performance, right up to an intermedial stage play.

A selection of archival documents such as sketches, notes and catalogue contributions documents a period of approximately 40 years. The content is about the power of the voice, used and abused by people in influential (political) positions. But also about the self-empowerment of the woman who raises her voice to make herself heard for her concerns and demands and to be self-determined.