IFK conference in Linz

09 - 11/10/2019
University of Art and Design Linz, Hauptplatz 6, glass auditoriums East and West, 5th floor


We take the centennial anniversary of the introduction of women’s suffrage as an opportunity to reflect on altered affairs.

Where do we stand today when it comes to emancipation and equality? How have power relations, politics, institutions, knowledge, and art changed? What are the current challenges under these altered circumstances? Which artists, scientists, and ideas have inspired and shaped this present? And who inspires us today? What was and is the utopian potential of the demand for equal participation? Which promises concerning freedom and justice, which opportunities for solidarity have we inherited, and which must be reinvented? The conference will formulate historical, systematic, and speculative responses. Those will be connected with individual and collective experiences as respondents speak to their own development, role models, and hopes for the future.

Three thematic strands will be intertwined in the course of the conference:
- Disentangle and associate
- Inherit and redo
- Rethink and pre-imitate

Conception: Karin Harrasser (University of Art and Design Linz), Johanna Richter (IFK, Vienna)
Collaboration: Sarah Sander (University of Art and Design Linz) and Dagmar Schink (VALIE EXPORT Center Linz)


10/10/2019 programme at the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz

Sabine Folie, Welcome
VALIE EXPORT, Lecture MAGNA - Feminism: Art and Creativity

Sabine Folie & Susanna Schoenberg, Conversation It has affected me / Es hat mich betroffen gemacht. Correspondence(s) about sensitivities, expressions and strategies of making concerned

16.30  pause

Nathan Stobaugh, Moderation
Martha Wilson, Lecture Martha Wilson and Franklin Furnace

The Golden Pixel Cooperative, Live-Audioplay Relations 5: listen*record*rewrite

Yasmo, Spoken-Word-Performance


A conference of the Department of Cultural Studies of the University of Art and Design Linz and the IFK International Research Center for Cultural Studies | University of Art and Design Linz in Vienna in cooperation with the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz.

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