From the beginning of her artistic activity, VALIE EXPORT, a pioneer of media and performance art, had built a substantial archive, which was acquired by the City of Linz in 2015, incorporated into the holdings of the LENTOS Kunstmuseum, and which has been available for research at the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz since November 2017. The Center houses materials such as notes, sketches, concepts, correspondences and drafts, but also screenplays, preparatory studies, models and many other items reaching back to the beginning of her artistic activity. The Center is also in possession of VALIE EXPORT's personal library of several thousand books and magazines, containing pivotal works in the fields of media theory, film studies and fine arts, feminism, philosophy, and literature.

The mission of VALIE EXPORT Center Linz is the research into and appraisal of the artist's premature legacy, as well as its mediation and contextualisation. International in its orientation, the research center strives to promote the artistic and scientific exploration of, in particular, the subject areas of media and performance art, and establishes a link to contemporary artistic practices.

The VALIE EXPORT Center Linz is a co-operation of the City of Linz with LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz and the University of Art and Design Linz.