It is the result of several years' work that one of the most substantial and exciting archives of avant-garde art could be made available to an interested public. On the basis of a decision passed by the City Council on 23 April 2015, the City of Linz acquired the premature legacy of the Linz-born artist, whose career began at the end of the 1960s and who is considered one of the most important international artists.

In all of this, the choice of location for the establishment of the VALIE EXPORT Center as a Research Center for Performance and Media Art is a lucky coincidence, as the Tabakfabrik, which was planned by Peter Behrens in the 1920s, used to be a favourite place of VALIE EXPORT's artistic curiosity during her childhood. Also, the brand label which VALIE EXPORT has been carrying since 1967 stems from the design of the cigarette brand SMART EXPORT once manufactured there.

The space concept developed by the architects of Kleboth und Dollnig for the new Center which was moved into in November 2017 is designed to be open and multifunctional. The architectural design of the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz picks up on the characteristic properties of the building by Behrens. The work and event area can be opened up, making it possible, especially during events, to experience the usable space and the unique edifice by Peter Behrens across the entire building width.

The Center is neighbours with a number of cultural, economically and politically innovative and creative, as well as University of Art and Design Linz affiliate institutes and associations.