Archival Glimpses

Two display cases at the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz with contents that change every three months provide insights into the Archive on the basis of physical documents from the premature legacy.


Archival Glimpses, Take 7

01/09 – 30/11/2019

The Artist and the Expanded Cinema Concept

Since 1968 VALIE EXPORT has developed expanded cinema actions which equally require an active screen and an active audience and, using technological potentials, widen the field of vision so far that they dissolve the separate entity of both the cinema and of its medium.

Expanded Cinema was also about depicting and breaking open power structures, as they said back in those days: to decode, to deconstruct.” - VALIE EXPORT, in Austria im Rosennetz, Der Standard, 18/10/1996

During the next three months, the independently curated display case Expanded Cinema 1 and materials on cinematic, actionist and technological reflections on the expanded cinema concept are presented together.