Archival Glimpses

Two display cases at the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz with contents changing every three months provide insights into the Archive on the basis of physical documents from the premature legacy. Archival Glimpses is intended to serve as an inspiration for a more intensive and in-depth study of the media and performance artist's legacy.


Archival Glimpses, Take 11

on view until 30/11/2021

VALIE EXPORT in Interviews

The current display cases show a selection of correspondence and printed matter relating to interviews with VALIE EXPORT. In the many years of her artistic activity, the artist has conducted numerous conversations with representatives of the press and the art and culture industries, most of which were printed in daily newspapers, art magazines or publications. Some of the conversations were conducted and published as part of diploma or dissertation projects.

The interviews provide information about an artistic and political attitude and, in addition, insights into artistic decisions, social circumstances and the conditions of the art market.